You Won't Believe What The Owners Did To This Poor Cat After He Walked 12 Miles To Get Back To Them

Many of us know that if we were separated from the people we love, we would walk any number of miles to get back to them. Well, it’s no different for our friends in the animal kingdom. When animals become separated from their humans, they will walk any number of miles to return to their family.

Heck, there’s even a movie or two about it, because most of the time these stories have wonderfully happy endings.

Most of the time.


I would like to introduce you to Toby. Toby is an adorable ginger fluffer who is seven years of age. His family rehomed him because they didn’t want him anymore, but he didn’t know that.

Toby didn’t understand what was happening to him in his new home. He thought that it must have been an accident that they had become separated, so he ran away. The sweet kitty must have thought, at the time, that his family would never leave him on purpose.

Like most of us would, he did everything in his power to get back to the family that he loved unconditionally.

Sadly, he made it back to them in one piece.

The poor baby must have been confused when at the end of his long journey, his family put him right back in the car. He must have been devastated when they took him to the shelter and demanded that workers there euthanize him.


As if throwing him away after he fought to come home to them wasn’t evil enough, when he managed to finally get there Toby’s owners decided they wanted to put him down.

Luckily, the workers at the shelter where they dropped him off couldn’t bring themselves to euthanize Toby, so they went to work.

They contacted the SPCA of Wake County, which is a no-kill shelter in Raleigh, North Carolina. The shelter asked them to come and rescue poor Toby. Workers were desperate to save his life and help this sweet kitty find a new home.


Of course, the kind people at the SPCA rescued Toby. But that was only the beginning. They realized once they ran his blood tests that his problems were a little more severe than they initially thought.

Toby tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency. Don’t worry; it isn’t the death sentence they once thought it was. Instead, workers merely knew that they would have to be very careful where they placed Toby and his new owners would need to be aware of his condition.

Once at the shelter, Toby made a name for himself. He was known for being the friendly cat that would always play with the other animals. Volunteers said that he was a “cuddly boy with lots of love to go around.”


They posted Toby’s story on social media, hoping to get a hit.

Now, this is where Toby’s story finally starts to look up again. It didn’t take very long before the volunteer’s prayers were answered.

A wonderful family adopted Toby, and he finally found a forever home. He now has one other kitty sibling and two human ones to keep him company and play with him whenever he wants.

Toby The Cat will never have to walk 12 miles back to this family; they are going to keep him right where he belongs.

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