You Won't Believe What This Dog Did When She Found An Abandoned Human Baby

While this story is a few years old, it deserves a re-telling. It all started in La Plata, Argentina, which is a province of Buenos Aires. A local woman from the area heard cries coming from an alley. When she investigated, she couldn’t believe what she found.


Let’s start from the beginning. Argentinians love dogs. A survey found that a full 78% of them have pets, which is far higher than any other country in South America. There are 3 million people and around 500,000 dogs in Buenos Aires.

Unlike some metropolitan areas with high stray populations, the people of Buenos Aires largely live in harmony with strays. They are called “Perros callejeros.”

One very special Perros callejeros is named Way.  Way is a mixed breed dog of unknown origins who was born on the streets. Then she had babies. Way was an excellent mother to her babies; she needed to feed them, though, and went in search of food.


It was July, and in Argentina, that means it is winter time. July is one of the coldest months. Much like February in the United States.

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Way knew that she had to find food and get back to her babies quickly, lest they get too cold. As she was searching, though, she must have heard a sound of distress. Luckily, her maternal instinct kicked in, and she went searching in the dank alleyway to find the source.

It was then that Way found a tiny newborn human infant all alone in the dark and dirty place. What she did next is going to knock your socks off.


Way, in her infinite wisdom, decided to save that human baby. According to police, Way carried the infant around 50 meters to where she left her puppies sleeping. Then, throughout the night, she and her puppies laid with the tiny thing to keep him warm.

Image via Paw my Gosh

The next morning the woman I mentioned above heard strange cries coming from the alley. When she investigated, she found the baby nestled right there with a dog she knew from around the neighborhood, Way.

They rushed the baby to the hospital. Little Santino had a few superficial cuts and scrapes, but overall he was in good shape. Especially considering he just spent the night in the middle of winter in an alley in Argentina.

“She took it like a puppy and rescued it,” said the chief of police Daniel Salcedo. “The doctors told us if she hadn’t done this, he would have died.”


Way saved the life of Santino on that frigid winter night in Argentina.

When the police investigated, they found the mother quickly. It was a 14-year-old girl who had panicked and left the poor baby all alone to die. The authorities took her to a local psychiatric hospital for treatment.

If not for one very special dog, Santino never would have made it through the night.

How’s that for jaw-dropping?

Feature Image via Paw my Gosh

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