Young Couple Is Forced To Make Decision To Euthanize Their Beloved Dog, He Turned On Us


Loyalty is a dog’s best quality.  Most dogs even take on the role of loving and gentle protector of young children. However, there are times when things just aren’t wired correctly in a dog, and he or she can become a danger to everyone.  This is the sad reality that one loving dog couple had to face with their young Vizsla.

Coolie, the Vizsla puppy was born in August of 2015.  Blake and his wife were delighted to adopt the puppy into their home.  Coolie was part of the family they went everywhere together and he was greatly loved.

As years went by his behavior started changing.  He became aggressive and would lunge and bite at his humans. The couple was now expecting a baby.  Blake’s wife was 14 weeks pregnant.  Coolie had now bitten Blake and a family friend and was turning more and more aggressive.

They contacted a behavior specialist and went to see a holistic vet. But things continued to get worse.   They felt he was a danger to everyone.

With great sadness, the couple decided to take the advice of professionals and humanely have Coolie euthanized.

Blake stopped on the way to the vet to let Coolio play one last time. Then they pulled up to the dreaded visit for euthanasia.


“As soon as the vet came outside to me I burst into tears. He spent time with us talking through what would happen and then took Coolio to another room to sedate him.”




Blake’s wife recalls Coolio laying next to her with his head on her hands.  She bent down to kiss him and told him how much she loved him.  Coolio was unable to control himself for months prior.

Saying Goodbye

Coolie’s final moments on this earth were good.  “He slowly drifted off to sleep, and Blake was rubbing his ears which was his favorite and he groaned, he was loving it!  However, Coolio spent his last moments with the people who loved him the most.

 “Life will move on, it always does but there will always be a part of Coolio with us everywhere we go.”


Dog stories don’t always end happily, in the end, this couple did the best that they could for Coolio right up to the end. Rest in peace Coolio.

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  1. Even looking at the last picture of this dog, with his eyes staring lifelessely straight, I can feel his pain. The people who were supposed to protect him, betrayed him by putting him to sleep, getting rid of their furbaby who couldn’t speak up for himself, because their human baby was on the way. There are so many other things that could have been done, trainers who specialize in aggregate animals, vets, who could be able to determine whether the dog is suffering from something. That’s what responsible dog owners usually do, who care about their pet, and its obvious that these people didn’t care and put to sleep this young, seemingly healthy puppy

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