Young Girl Spots A Magnificent Bull Moose Then Gets An Up Close View

My daughter and I had planned on taking a trip after church Sunday morning to get some firewood from the mountains. Dressed in steel toed boots and shorts under our Sunday morning bests, we quickly made the attire transition in our truck before ascending up the Big Horn Mountains via route 14 out of Dayton, Wyoming.  We stopped to fill up some containers at a local mountain spring we frequent for our drinking water for the next week and then continued the ascent.

Hoping to see some moose today, we didn’t see any on our drive to where we had planned to cut some downed firewood to add to our winter supply. We only heat with and cook over a wood stove in the winter months so this was a necessary trip that we also enjoy, especially when we get to see moose grazing on the willows in the distance. But for today we saw no moose sightings as we pulled in to where I’d be working the chainsaw as my daughter loads what I cut.

It wasn’t long before our truck was full, forest service tag placed on the wood and chainsaw, chaps, helmet and gear packed up.

As we started to drive away, a magnificently large bull moose was walking very close to us on the passenger side of the truck. This was a real treat since we had not viewed any yet in the distance today. We opened the window and I filmed him casually grazing on the mountain grass as we watched and enjoyed him in silence.  It was such a peaceful moment watching him. At one point he came a little closer to our truck. Moose are capable of doing some damage to humans if they feel threatened.  Mostly it is cow moose with their calves who get defensive, but we were in the truck enjoying the moment in close proximity to him without him nor us feeling threatened.

On the way down the mountain, we saw more moose but all from a distance. We talked about how it says in Genesis 1:31 that “God saw all that he had made and it was very good”  and how this beautiful moose certainly was a “very good” creation for sure.  We also talked about how special of a moment it was to see one close enough that we could hear him graze and hear his hooves walk through the grass, especially when it looked like we wouldn’t see any today.

I hope you enjoy this short footage of this magnificent bull moose.

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