Young Man Ready to Go Back To College, But Becomes “Hurricane Hero” Instead

Connor is like many kids his age this time of year.  He had just finished up a summer job and was ready to go back to his next semester at college. Then his mom showed him a post asking for help for dogs needing to be rescued from the hurricane that was about to hit the gulf coast of Texas.  Connor jumped in his truck to go get them without thinking twice.

Authorities were advising people to evacuate themselves and their pets who were in the path of the Texas hurricane.  Two foster dogs were in desperate need of getting out and transported to a new foster home before the hurricane hit.  Connor’s mom showed her son the post from Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption on social media asking for help. The two dogs named Thelma and Hercules desperately needed a ride from Austin to Corpus Christi, Texas. That’s when Connor sprung into action.  “I said, ‘Why not?’ And jumped in my truck. I didn’t really think — I just figured someone needed to help them,” Connor said.

Normally the Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption likes dogs be in crates for trips, but due to time constraints and the urgency of the rescue, Connor contained them safely in the back seat.  Hercules had to wear a cone on his head due to being recently neutered.

Lucky Lab Rescue is calling Connor the “Hurricane Hero” for his successful rescue efforts.  He ended up driving 6 hours round trip to rescue the two dogs.

There are always more dogs though that need help though and Lucky Lab Rescues could use your help.  If you’d like to help them continue to come to the aid of dogs in need, click here to donate.

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