Young Woman Rescues Injured Puppy From the Streets , She Gains A New Friend.

Jessican Haltzman had just finished a year of service with AmericCorps when she decided that she wanted to continue to travel.  Little did she know that she was about to meet her best friend, a dog that she saved from the streets of India.

Jessica was learning about tree conservation in New Delhi India with a group called ‘Sadhana Forest’ when she heard a crying noise.  She ran to investigate where the cries were coming from.  That’s when she found a severely injured puppy.

With the puppy in her arms, Jessica looked for a veterinarian.“I knew at that moment I needed to save his life,” Jessica said.

She got the little and hurting puppy to a vet. It was discovered that he had two broken hips as well as infected wounds.  The vet wrapped his legs in plaster.  Then Jessica took him with her to find all that she’d need at local pet shops to help her new friend get better.

Jessica canceled the next leg of her trip, which was a flight to Nepal.  She took a bus instead so that she could bring the pup along.  By that time, Jessica had made a lifetime commitment to her new friend that she named Delhi.

Dehli then spent time in Nepal with Jessica recuperating as she planned the next leg of her trip.  Thailand was where Jessica would meet her mother, who would take Dehli back home to the United States as Jessica finished her travels.

“Luckily my mom is meeting me in Thailand. She is going to fly Delhi back to the USA while I continue my travels till the end of February” … “My mom will be watching him till I get back. He is going to be the most spoiled dog.”

When Jessica returns home she plans on continuing to travel, but this time with Delhi by her side.  “He will be my adventure pup as I love to hike,” she said. “We will be hiking a lot in Washington and all over the U.S. I hope to travel again with him internationally.”

Jessica hopes to raise awareness of street dogs and also open an animals shelter someday.


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