Your Old Bras Could Save Turtles – Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Has A Unique Mission


You may have heard the saying about someone’s junk being someone else’s treasure. Well, for injured turtles, someone else’s old bras headed for the trash may just save their lives. Let’s take a look at how you can help turtles by donating and mailing your old bras to a turtle rescue.


Carolina Waterfowl Rescue takes in unwanted, unloved, abused and injured turtles. The rescue is totally run by volunteers. They donate their time and energy to help less fortunate turtles.


Facebook/Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

The Problem


A staggering 80% of turtles that end up in the rescue are hit by vehicles. This number is highest in the summer months, and especially when it rains. When it rains, turtles seek places to lay their eggs. As a result, they are often hit by cars and then suffer from cracked shells.


Facebook/Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

The Solution


Used bras donated by caring people, can help rehabilitators to help turtles by repairing their broken shells. Hook and eye fasteners along with glue and wire serve as a kind of suture substitute without hurting the shell. Both sides of the backstrap with the fasteners are needed from the used bras.


One individual commented, “Recycle something that would go into a landfill. I mean they are helping a turtle, and who doesn’t want to help a turtle?” Likewise, you can do the same. Your used bra will be treasured by the turtle rescuers because they can save another turtle’s life.


Facebook/Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

Donations are also appreciated and needed. With funding, the staff can provide medication and food for the turtles. The rescue recently took in eggs of turtles. The mother turtle was hit by a car. As a result, thanks to the caring people at the rescue, the little turtles hatched and are now growing.


Facebook/Carolina Waterfowl Rescue


A Little Effort Can Save Lives


In conclusion, think about how much effort it would take to send the back of your next bra that you are about to throw away. Furthermore, by taking the time to package it and pay a small amount of postage, you will be helping turtles. Above all, you will be saving a life.


Facebook/Carolina Waterfowl Rescue




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