He Was 'Too Yucky' To Live Owners Said, The Shelter Gives Him 2nd Chance For A Great Life

Nik Nak the dog was taken to the vet and asked by the owners to be put down because he was described as being “too yucky.”  The neglected dog had scabs on his face from not being cared for properly.   Thankfully, the vet and vet technicians decided to help the dog and find him a better home.

After being given a bath and nursed back to health by caring hands,  Kam Nurock decided to foster Nik Nak until a proper home was found for him.  Nurock was prepared to wait as long as it took to find Nik Nak the loving home that all dogs deserved.  But little did she know when she first took him in that Nik Nak was already home.  She decided to keep him in her family forever.

Nik Nack’s incredible journey has been filmed and shared for all to enjoy.  As I watched the video, I couldn’t help but think how some people can be so cruel to want to just throw a dog way and end his life because he most likely didn’t look cute anymore.  It’s sad to think that in this society, animals can be discarded just like a broken toy that needs to be fixed.

Thankfully, there are caring people in the world who fill in the gap for those who aren’t so nice.  Nik Nak had several heroes.  The first being the kind vet and technicians who saved his life by giving him the care that he needed.  The second being Nurock who took him in as a foster dog.  The fact that she decided to keep him is just icing on the cake.

Watch Nik Nak’s Incredible Journey

What a wonderful story for a dog who endured a whole lot of bad stuff in his life.  This story inspires me to be a hero to a less fortunate soul. How about you?  How does that is story make you feel?  Share this story if you think more dogs like Nik Nak deserve a second chance and better life.

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